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Planning A Better Future

Owner and Principal Consultant: Maria Tranguch

Expertise and Vision

An Interdisciplinary View for the Future


Maria Tranguch is an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist, a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist, and a Registered Consulting Arborist with the American Society of Consulting Arborists with over 12 years of experience in the environmental field.  Toward the beginning of her environmental career she worked with the Lehigh Gap Nature Center to help manage and re-vegetate a 400-acre public access park and Superfund site. Years later, Maria obtained her Master’s in City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania, where she focused in Environmental/Land Use planning and Land Preservation.  While in Philadelphia Maria worked with the consulting firm PennPraxis, where she contributed toward Philadelphia's Green2015 Plan, a plan for Philadelphia to acquire 500 acres of green space by 2015. 


Across the river in Camden, NJ, Maria worked with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation to create, connect, and preserve the Camden City metropolitan urban forest. Here she collaborated with public and private entities as well as the Camden community to preserve land in the City of Camden. While in Camden she played a key role in preserving Camden's Gateway Park, a 25-acre public park along the tidal Cooper River. 


Tranguch's policy-based introduction to Arboriculture occurred while serving as the Director of Planning and Zoning in Ferguson Township, Pennsylvania where the Township was creating it's first tree ordinance.  In 2015 Maria stepped into production Arboriculture with Bartlett Tree Experts, where she went on to serve as an Arborist Crew Leader and a member of the Corporate Safety Committee. Other means of sharing and sharpening her skills include educational posts, workshops, trainings, conferences, and studying through Oregon State's Graduate Certificate program in Urban Forestry.  


Tranguch founded Legacy Land Consulting as a way of beginning to address information gaps between disciplines and to share her multi-disciplinary approach to make environmental changes on a greater scale. In collaboration, we can change the status quo toward a land ethic that honors the value of and intrinsic dependency on a healthy ecosystem.  

Legacy Land Consulting partners with individuals and organizations that share this vision and understanding for the future.  We encourage clients and partners to migrate from reactive care toward proactive care and planning. 

Related Endeavors worth Exploring

  • Another passion of Maria's is advancing women in arboriculture.  She contributes most in this endeavor through assisting with the Women's Tree Climbing Workshop, whose mission is to create a safe, encouraging, and empowering learning environment for women to climb trees, with an emphasis on arboriculture.  

  • Maria is also a competitive tree climber and was the first female to represent the Pennsylvania and Delaware Chapter of the ISA at the 2018 International Tree Climbing Competition. At the 2018 ITCC Maria and her male colleague Jake Riggs, took home the first place award for most points as a Chapter.  Maria finished 6th overall in the Women's Division at the 2018 ITCC. Check out the ISA ITCC and find your local ISA chapter events. 

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