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Science & technical tree care expertise

Legacy Consulting Services

Understand your trees, their value, and plan for the future.


Arboriculture is both the science and art of caring for trees, shrubs, and other woody plants in landscape settings.  Legacy Land Consulting offers a number of arboriculture consulting services including those listed below.  This aspect of the Company's services tends to focus on a tree or group of trees and how we might meet the needs of a given tree or group of trees both now and in the future.  

  • Tree Risk Assessments

  • Tree Care Consultation

  • Planting Plans

  • Tree Valuation

  • Pre and Post Land Acquisition Consultation

  • Diagnosis


Urban Forestry & Land Use

Leveraging expertise in Planning, Land Preservation, and Urban Forestry, Legacy Land Consulting will help you understand your assets, how to plan for them, and how to communicate and collaborate with other entities toward the success of that plan.  

  • Tree Inventory

  • Management Planning

  • Policy Analysis & Research

  • Land Preservation Consulting

  • Environmental Planning

  • Presentations

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Building & Construction

Legacy understands the obstacles in planning for trees before, during, and after construction.  It is not always feasible to save every tree on site, however consulting with Legacy before and if possible during and after the construction process will help you as a landowner or your company formulate a plan to understand what can be saved, what is best to be removed, and how to choose the correct trees for the future of the property.  Ensuring that the care and planning for trees is a part of the planning and development process is the best way to plan with an environmental ethic.

  • Landowner Guidance

  • Feasibility & Initial Consult

  • Tree Survey & Constraints Plans

  • Tree Protection Plans

  • Future Planting Plans


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